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Click the "Find Resources" button from the main page or link at the bottom of each InsYght page. This will direct you to the login page. Enter your name, email address, country of residence, and create a password. Complete the "Are You a Human" test so we know you are not a spam bot. Click "Register" and you're done.

Create a profile:

Answer a few basic questions about your idea or business pursuit. If you're unsure about how to answer a question, you can click the "?" icon to read more about the intent of each question. If you serve several industries or have obtained different kinds of funding, choose one response. You can change your answers at any time to search again.

Update or manage my profile:

You can use the "Profile" tab or the "Manage Your Company Profile" button on your Dashboard to access and update your profile.

Find specific resources:

In the "Find Providers" tab, indicate the type of resource you are looking for (i.e. you can search for space, equipment, funding, etc.). In some instances, you can narrow your search by selecting a sub-category of resource type (i.e. you can search for office space, manufacturing equipment, or grant funding).

View resource detail:

Up to three matched resources are shown directly below the organization's name on the "Find Providers" match page. If this provider offers more than three matches, click "...More Matching Resources" beneath the displayed list to see all matching resources available through that provider. Click "Details" to the right of each resource to see all available information about that resource.

Search for specific organizations:

InsYght does not currently permit you to search the organization list by name.

Report a problem:

You can provide feedback about your InsYght experience by clicking the Feedback link at the bottom of each InsYght webpage. You can also send comments to

Report out of date information:

Should you find inaccurate or outdated information on your match list, you can alert the Insyght team by clicking the "Inaccurate Info" button under each Resource Provider. This will help to ensure this information is corrected for yourself and future users.

Request Help:

You can click the "?" icons at any time to read more about the intent of questions or definitions on InsYght. For more direct assistance using the system, you can request help at

How is my Profile Match determined?

Matches are made based on the information you provide in your Business Profile. First, InsYght determines these matches based on a correlation between resource providers' specialties and your Business Profile. Then, equally matched organizations are ordered by geographic proximity to the zip code you contributed in your Profile.

How do I sort my results?

In the "Sort Your Results" option near the top of the "Find Providers" match page, you can remove certain characteristics from matching consideration by checking or unchecking profile questions. Doing so will not change your saved profile.

How do I filter my results?

In the "Filter Your Results" option near the top of the "Find Providers" match page, you can change the type of resource you are searching for as well as the type of organizations you would like to view. Click "Start Over" to begin a new search.

Why doesn't my organization match show detailed resource information?

You are matched to organizations based on the services they offer and the specific resource type you're looking for. Though individual resource data may not yet be available for all organizations, InsYght collects and updates this information daily.

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